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Cynthia L. Robles, MFT

    Cultivating Skills for Healthy Relationships
Counseling Multi-Cultural Couples and Families

Se habla espanol
MFC 24511

(951) 440-0435

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What does Multicultural mean?

By definition this means: "Relating to or constituting several cultural or ethnic groups within a society."

Cynthia expands on this definition by including the enhancement of awareness in diversity in our relationships, which may be colored by our individual experiences, values and interactions. These relationships may have differences in ethnicity, race, spiritual beliefs, geographical upbringing, economic status or sexual orientation. These differences affect how we view others, and ourselves and in the way we view the world. This creates a unique manner in which we interact with our loved ones and others. When our "culture" is colored by different values and traditions, our relationships with others may be at times affected and strained. In her work, Cynthia takes into account the nuances of cultural differences that are in play within the couple/family and works with them to develop a harmonious blend which enhances each individuals ability to be appreciated and to appreciate the diversity in their significant other(s).